• Let's take a moment

    to recognize the unique quality of what we are about to do:


    A dominatrix is the keeper of the only space where adults can freely role-play and create their own catharsis, with no judgment attached.


    You can be whoever, and whatever, your heart desires.


    Dominance - as ultimate sensual liberty - has been my passion for over 20 years. I've appeared in dozens of fetish movies, taught classes and been honored by peers, and helped raise the next generation of dominants. 


    You will find me to be an empathetic listener, with the experience to intimately understand you. My warm confidence, lively wit, and magnificent laugh are the stuff of your dreams.


    And when your urges make you weak, I am an uncanny and irresistible predator...




  • Inside My Mind

    Long-form, intimate glimpses into my experiences.

    Part II of my interview with Nick Tanek of YourKinkyFriends

    I had a fabulous time, once again, speaking with Nick. We could talk for hours - and we did! Originally scheduled for one hour, we went almost two, and this time took questions in real time from our viewers.

    Interview with Nick Tanek of YourKinkyFriends

    A good interviewer makes for a great time, and Nick is a delight. Thoughtful, sincere, and engaging. I had a wonderful time!

    Mystery Box Show, February 14, 2018

    This was an intense, and intensely personal, experience: eight months of digging into the emotional story behind one of the most extraordinary relationships I have ever had. The show producers were incredible, and I am so grateful to have learned a new form of storytelling.

  • Phone Sessions

    My primary offering is phone sessions via NiteFlirt.


    If you don't already have a Niteflirt account, you will get three complimentary minutes when you sign up.


    If you are working from home and cannot talk, don't worry!! I'll do all the talking while you listen - helplessly...


    Call me now or easily make an appointment if I'm not available.

  • Looking For A Live Session? Here's What To Do


    Contact me

    Choose your session length. Then message me with a brief introduction, and include two times you can talk.



    I'll choose a time and confirm. When we talk, you'll need about 20 minutes of privacy to speak freely about your interests, experiences, and limits.



    You'll get a confirmed session time, location information, and any prep details you need. And then, we meet and play!

  • Choose Your Session Length

     (With optional calendar titles)

    Consultant Lunch

    Two hours


    Standard client status

    Email support


    Happy Hour with the Team

    Three hours


    Enhanced client status

    Email and text support

    Manager Dinner

    Four hours


    Priority client status

    Unlimited email, text, and phone support

    Extended aftercare

  • Introduce Yourself

    I'm looking forward to talking with you!

  • Specialities


    It's an incredible gift, to be seen.


    When I tip your chin up with my finger and gaze into your eyes, you will feel it. I see past your eager presentation - I know what you struggle to hide.


    Your desires and weaknesses, your speech and movements...everything feeds into our living dream. My voice is a velvety caress, eliciting fireworks of pleasure and excitement in your brain as you give yourself to me...



    My specialities:

    • Mental connection and control, mentorship and guidance
    • Female authority roleplay: strict, ruthless Mommy Dearest; playful, raunchy Strapon Stepmom, and more
    • Gentle femdom/GFD (aka positive femdom)
    • Chastity and keyholding
    • Encouraged/forced bisexuality
    • Mindfucking and edgeplay
    • Fetish worship: latex and leather outfits, leather kid gloves and boots, pantyhose and stockings, feet and socks


    Suggested session length: 3 hours


    When you moan, I smile. When you scream, I laugh. Isn't life delightful?

    Playing music taught me to use my entire body, leaning in to stroke the keys and listen. And that is what you are to me - a living instrument, all of you singing to me in ecstatic pain.


    And look how happy it makes me!! You did say you wanted to please me - well, I want you to truly understand how much pleasure you give me when you suffer for me...

    • Cock and ball torture (CBT) and ballbusting
    • nipple torture
    • needles, sounds, catheters, weird sensations...
    Suggested session length: 2-3 hours

    Corporal Punishment

    If you have ever been left unsatisfied after a spanking, you need to see me.


    I specialize in hard, thorough, expertly paced spankings.


    I have an incredible awareness of how and when to push you. You don't have to ask - I will drive you to your peak, again and again, for as long as necessary. (Though I sometimes find it amusing to taunt you, threaten you with the impending punishment, or even force you to beg for spanks.)


    You will be pulled down, then held across my firm, strong lap until your bottom is thoroughly hot and flushed red. I spare no detail: you will wince when you sit down later. And I will note that many who have gone under my hand have found themselves able to take the hard spanking of their dreams: with trust, it's amazing how far you can go.

    • over-the-knee hand spanking
    • leather paddles, institutional straps and razor strops
    • wooden hairbrushes, belts, slippers
    • tawses, floggers, riding crops
    • figging, mouth-soaping, hand-whipping
    • scolding, lecturing, corner time, written sentences
    • enemas, diapers, plugs
    Suggested session length: 2 hours


    Every bit of control that I take feeds me.


    I do serious, prolonged, inescapable bondage: if you can get out, it's not bondage.


    Your arms and legs will be completely controlled, of course, but I will also take over your mouth, fingers, toes, genitals...


    Complete enclosure, devilish predicaments, even simple, subtle encumberments - if it compromises you and affects your head, I'm into it.

    I enjoy:


    • Gags
    • Mummification
    • Encasement
    • Leather bondage sleeves, straitjackets, hoods
    • Shibari and Western rope bondage
    • Ace bandages, vet wrap, paracord, twine
    • Electrical and duct tape
    • Chain, ribbon, zipties, bicycle locks - literally anything that results in secure restriction
    Suggested session length: 3-4 hours, or overnight