• Welcome.

    I am that rare breed: a naturally powerful Woman who finds pleasure in dominating you, and a classically trained, extremely experienced Dominatrix.


    I specialize in MILF domination, hard spanking, and serious bondage. Rather than hourly sessions, I offer three session packages to maximize the fetish experience.


    I will take care of everything: scheduling, location, equipment, and activities... you simply show up and put yourself in my capable hands. You will find me to be an extraordinary listener, skilled leader... and uncanny predator.


    "Simplicity is the highest goal, achievable when you have overcome all difficulties. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art."


    - Frederic Chopin





  • Domination

    Mental Penetration

    It's an incredible gift, to be seen.


    When I tip your chin up with my finger and gaze into your eyes, you will feel it.


    Not only what you eagerly present, but what you try so hard to hide.


    I know it makes you nervous, being vulnerable.


    But you need this.


    My specialities:

    • Mommy domme/strapon stepmom
    • Gentle femdom/GFD (aka positive femdom)
    • Traditional Dominant/submissive
    • Female-led relationship (FLR)
    • Articulate humiliation
    • Relentless teasing/ruthless denial
    • Extended edging/long-term chastity
    • Face slapping/hair pulling/physical domination
    • Insightful discussion of why, and how, we experience our fetishes



    When you moan, I smile. When you scream, I laugh. Isn't life delightful?

    Playing music taught me to use my entire body, leaning in to stroke the keys and listen. And that is what you are to me - a living instrument, all of you singing to me in ecstatic pain.


    And look how happy it makes me!! You said you wanted to please me - well, I want you to truly understand how much pleasure you give me when you suffer for me...

    • COCK AND BALL TORTURE (CBT) and ballbusting
    • nipple torture
    • needles, sounds, catheters, weird sensations...
  • Corporal Punishment


    If you have ever been left unsatisfied after a spanking, you need to see me.


    I specialize in hard, thorough, expertly paced spankings.


    You will be secured firmly across my lap - you'd be surprised how strong my thighs are - and your bottom warmed to a solid red flush. I know all the angles and spots to guarantee you a tender sitting-down afterwards. And I will push you to the greatest heights of your tolerance: when you feel comfortable and trusting of your Top, it's amazing how far you can go.

    • over-the-knee HAND SPANKING
    • leather paddles, institutional straps and razor strops
    • wooden hairbrushes, belts, slippers
    • tawses, floggers, riding crops
    • figging, mouth-soaping, hand-whipping 
    • lectures, corner time, written sentences
    • enemas, diapers, plugs 


  • Fetish


    I do serious, restrictive, cumulative, immersive bondage.


    You will be bound for security, for challenge, and for psychological release.


    I use:

    • Leather bondage sleeves, straitjackets, heavy-duty cuffs
    • Rope: Eastern (shibari) and Western (John Willie) styles
    • Ace bandages and vet wrap
    • Electrical and duct tape
    • Chain, ribbon, zipties, bicycle locks - literally anything that results in secure restriction


    I want you to worship my tight, shiny curves...


    Open your mouth for my delicious stockinged toes, my fragrant leather gloves, my smooth perfumed panties...

    • Leather kid gloves and boots
    • Feet, armpits, legs, hair
    • panties, high heels, socks, sneakers


  • Private Sessions

    I Own You:

    1500/3-5 hours


    Now We're Getting Somewhere:

    1000/2 to 3 hours


    Your Ass Pays The Price:

    500/1 to 1 1/2 hours



    Discretion is expected and guaranteed. Your privacy is of paramount importance to me, and I offer encrypted options for texting, phone, and webcam.





    You give me two times that you can talk.


    I choose one, let you know, and call you.


    You'll need about 20 minutes, and privacy to answer questions (and deal with the excitement ;)



    Send me your info below.


  • Phone Sessions

    Tell me ANYTHING.


    NiteFlirt connects us and keeps all your phone number private. Plus, you get three complimentary minutes when you sign up!


    This is perfect for:

    • open-ended consultations. Nervous? Novice? Get to know me before a session.

    • chastity check-ins. I love to tease and torment, building the frustration and denial.

    • Dominant/submissive relationship. Serve me in domination dates.

    • remote control. I am the devil on your shoulder telling you what to do.

    Call me now or easily make an appointment if I'm not available.