• I know your cravings

    You fantasize about the caring Mommy with the strict hand...


    The predatory Goddess with the appetite for control...


    The sexy Cougar with all the special toys...


    I specialize in:


    Hard hand spanking

    Articulate humiliation

    Sadistic CBT and NT

    Classical submissive training

    Sensual to extreme pegging

    Leather and rope bondage

    Boot, latex, leather, and stocking/pantyhose fetish


    For over 20 years, kink has been my passionate artistic expression. My talents have garnered AVN and XBIZ award nominations in films for Severe Society, Julie Simone, Shadow Lane, and more. My gear and wardrobe collection includes exquisite handmade spanking implements, leather hoods and straitjackets, full leather and latex outfits, handmade boots, and more.


    You deserve to revel in your urges! You will find me to be warmly empathetic and insightful, with a magnificent laugh - and nothing makes me laugh more than tormenting you!


    My discreet domestic space is located in the Laurelhurst neighborhood NE Portland, easily accessible from the airport and freeway, with plentiful street parking. You are welcome to amenities like tea/coffee/sparkling water, a phone charger, and a shower with unisex bath products.


    I have designed three core session scenarios: each is focused on and tailored to a primary fetish, and all are customizable.


    Choose an option below to begin.


  • domestic discipline

    For spankos!


    Focus: corporal punishment, emotionally-nostalgic archetypes.

    Goal: deep physical burn and lasting psychological/physical glow.


    I specialize in hard, thorough, expertly paced spankings.


    If you've ever been left unfulfilled after a spanking, you need to see me.


    You will be firmly secured in a compromising position, and your vulnerable bottom will be spanked to a hot, red flush.


    Squirm, plead, and cry all you like: you will get exactly what you need. Over my knee, stress and guilt melt away as you surrender control and responsibility. You will emerge tender, calm, and ready to accept the world.


    I keep an outstanding collection of implements in various materials - leather, rattan, rubber, synthetics - including the full Austere English Collection from The London Tanners.


    • spanking: hand, over the knee

    • paddling and strapping: many lengths and weights, including institutional

    • caning and whipping: canes, riding crops, quirts, tawses, singletails

    • domestic tools: hairbrushes, bathbrushes, belts, wooden spoons, spatulas, rulers, slippers, birches, extension cords, etc.

    • figging, diapering

    • ear pulling, mouth soaping

    • hand whipping, corner time


    Recommended session length: 2 hours (800), 1 hour (500).

  • femdom sadism

    For submissive sluts.


    Focus: mental domination, physical adrenaline rush, gender-role reversal.

    Goal: profound submissive state, physical and mental catharsis.


    I am a preternatural predator with that most dangerous of talents: a highly developed sense of empathy. And I firmly believe in the value of male-bodied people experiencing the "female" perspective.


    My technique is patient, attentive, and relentless. I will coax your body into bliss, inexorably opening you while I laugh at your last shred of reserve and make you my eager whore.


    You'll forget what you're begging for - you'll just beg.


    • verbal and physical humiliation
    • erotic embarrassment
    • CBT and nipple torture
    • plug and strap training
    • forced-bi and cuckold training
    • chastity keyholding
    • fetish strengthening and imprinting
    • pantyhose, glove, and boot worship

    Recommended session length: 3 hours (1000), 2 hours (800).

  • serious bondage

    For true bondage fans.


    Focus: comprehensive restraint and sensory deprivation.

    Goal: twilight state of consciousness, deep bondage headspace; total incapacitation of voluntary movement.


    The only bondage is inescapable bondage.


    You will be bound for security, for challenge, and for profound release. As you fall deeper into space, I control your sensory input, handling your body, freeing you to be utterly dependent on me.


    I am not satisfied until you are completely under my control: hooded, gagged, restrained, held captive. Ensnared in a rope predicament, held in a straitjacket hug, or encased with elastic wrap, you are liberated from responsibility.


    Your only remaining choice is to let go.


    My techniques and gear include pieces by Mr.S/Fetters, and customized leather:


    • gags of various forms
    • leather bondage sleeves, straitjackets, hoods
    • encasement and full mummification
    • shibari and Western-style rope bondage
    • paracord, twine, sewing thread
    • electrical and duct tape, plastic wrap, Ace bandages and gauze, vet wrap, surgical and Elmer's glue, plaster
    • chain and locks, zipties - anything that results in secure restriction


    Recommended session length: 3 hours (1000).

  • How to book your session


    Choose your session...

    Tell me what session you are interested in, and include two times you can talk for a phone consultation.



    I'll call you to plan our session. When we talk, you'll need about 20 minutes of privacy to speak freely about your interests, experiences, and limits.



    You'll get a confirmed session time, location information, and any prep details you need. And then, we meet and play!

  • Contact me

    I'm looking forward to playing with you!

  • Phone Sessions

    Talk with me live, at your discretion and convenience. NiteFlirt makes connection a snap and keeps your phone number private. Plus, you get three complimentary minutes when you sign up!


    If you are working from home and cannot talk, don't worry!! I'll do all the talking while you listen...


    Call me now or easily make an appointment if I'm not available.


    This is perfect for:

    • open-ended consultations. Work out those nerves and delve into a little roleplay with me before a session.

    • intimate confessionals. Sometimes, you need to unburden your heart to an understanding woman.

    • remote domination. Slinking to the grocery-store checkout with a cucumber, a can of Crisco, and Men's Health magazine tells everyone what a slut you are.

    Call me now or easily make an appointment if I'm not available.



  • Media

    Long-form, intimate glimpses into my experiences.

    Part II of my interview with Nick Tanek of YourKinkyFriends

    I had a fabulous time, once again, speaking with Nick. We could talk for hours - and we did! Originally scheduled for one hour, we went almost two, and this time took questions in real time from our viewers.

    Interview with Nick Tanek of YourKinkyFriends

    A good interviewer makes for a great time, and Nick is a delight. Thoughtful, sincere, and engaging. I had a wonderful time!

    Mystery Box Show, February 14, 2018

    This was an intense, and intensely personal, experience: eight months of digging into the emotional story behind one of the most extraordinary relationships I have ever had. The show producers were incredible, and I am so grateful to have learned a new form of storytelling.

  • reviews

    A Magical Afternoon with Mistress Anna Valentina

    A few days ago, Mistress Anna Valentina guided me through one of the single greatest scenes I have experienced in 25 years of exploring BDSM. I have a pretty complex set of interests and have had real trouble finding anyone who could weave them into a really complete and successful scene. I found Mistress Anna's website by chance and was struck by how straightforward and honest the text was. Most dominants have a cookie-cutter feel to their website; Mistress Anna came across as a real person as well as a skilled dominant.


    BOY is Mistress Anna a real person and WOW what a dominant! Mistress responded quickly to my e-mail and suggested a phone call so she could better understand my needs. When she called, she immediately put me at ease and skillfully drew out a picture of my desires and needs as well as my experience level. We agreed to meet the next day.


    We met in public and then Mistress Anna took me to her dungeon. Just a few seconds after meeting, I was completely comfortable with her. She was pretty, vivacious, funny, and warm. My nervousness turned to trust almost instantly. Once we reached the dungeon, she slowly and subtly moved from conversation to full on dominance. Somehow I found myself bound and blinded and listening to the sound of rubber squelching against skin as she changed into what turned out to be a wonderful black catsuit. She then spent the next few hours leading me effortlessly from one amazing position and situation to another until the scene reached a natural stopping point and we both cooled down so we could re-enter normal life.


    Rather than describe the details of the scene, I want to try to get across what made Mistress Anna Valentina so special. Sure she looks great, but for me that is a tiny part of what makes a scene good. Mistress Anna has incredible technical skills. Over the last 25 years, I have been fortunate enough to submit to a number of highly regarded dominants and Mistress Anna knew some tricks that I didn't even know existed AND were perfect for where we were in the scene. A number of people have good technical skills, but very, very few people know how to structure a scene so that it flows from one type of sensation to another, know how to build intensity and let it ebb and flow so that the scene moves from one high point to another and how to manage an extended scene so that there are chances to recover and recharge without letting the energy dissipate. Mistress Anna is absolutely one of the handful of dominants with this skill.


    However, the most remarkable and unique thing about Mistress Anna is her mastery of the emotional side of the scene. She realizes that an intense physical experience can affect the bottom in many different ways and she was highly (in fact perfectly) tuned to my emotional state at each stage of the scene. She knew when I was an animal and could be treated roughly and when I was vulnerable and needed comfort and reassurance. Mistress Anna was NEVER out of sync with me even though I was all over the place. Equally remarkable was her ability to make me want to suffer more and more for her. The scene ceased to be about my desires and I desperately wanted to please her. Her laugh of pleasure and glee is incredible. Once you hear it, you soooooo much want to please her and hear it again.


    And yet even with that desire to make the scene about her and not about me, at the end of the scene I realized that Mistress Anna had REALLY listened to me and with great skill she had met all my needs and had woven ALL my requests into a single flowing scene. I knew that the scene was unique to me and yet she made me feel the certainty that it was exactly the scene that SHE wanted. Now that is a remarkable skill.


    So am I glad I spent the afternoon suffering for Mistress Anna? YES! Would I do it again? Are you kidding? I plan to see Mistress as often as possible and for as long as I can. If there is a secret to my getting long-term pleasure from a BDSM relationship, I know that Mistress Anna Valentina holds the key.


    Bitch Boy's Devotion

    You are such an evil bitch! and that is precisely why i am so in love with you and devoted as your slut...


    You are, indeed, most awesome at verbal degradation and it is so unequivocally clear who the fuck puppet is...


    The other thing that strikes me amidst how cruel you were is the tender down time moments. Thank you, goddess, for those sweet interludes. You play me well. Like one who knows her way with a violin. ;) Terms of affection go a long way with me. i like that you know when to be tender with me. You resonate with me as a very conscientious person with some high moral and ethical standards. A self-questioning person looking for new ways to grow...


    i look forward to developing with you and i hope i am proving myself... i am proud to be under your guidance...


    Mistress Anna,


    Such a wonderful evening with you! i am sitting on my sore ass (which when i looked in the mirror, has some blushed spots!) with so many fond memories of being your bitch this evening. Just slightly pressing on my nipples hurts. i run my hand up to my nose through my beard and i can smell your delicious spit. Watching you concentrate on your whip strokes. Bathing in and drinking your golden nectar. Repeatedly confirming that i am your bitch. i am a delighted and lucky slave...


    This is the kind of D/s relationship i have wanted for years! i am honored to be your plaything; to have you as my sovereign. You are a beautiful, sacred, and perverted woman. i am beside myself with joy and i am very proud that you have taken me in as a sub.


    i truly look forward to the relationship that is developing between us. This was one of the best Saturday evenings of my life and i am not exaggerating at all. To find an innate sadist as gorgeous, intelligent, and loving as yourself is a gold mine for a sub.


    i know there are probably 500 guys like me for every one of those like you in this town. But really, there are none like you...


    lovingly and with devotion,


    your bitch


    p.s. i will make you that chocolate cake someday! perhaps you will let me eat some of it too---off of your divine toes!


    Mistress Anna Valentina - Discerning Mistress and Rubber Fetishist

    I have been a rubber & latex fetishist for over 25 years and have been a devoted player in the BDSM fetish world for more than 15 years. I have known Anna Valentina for nearly 4 years and find her to be one of the most genuine, open-minded and down-to-earth mistresses that I have had the pleasure of knowing. She is a true dominant; she isn’t playing a role. At the same time, she is very sensitive to her submissive’s needs and adapts to them. She can be very strict and demanding or playful and erotic. However, she is ALWAYS in control. She has a broad spectrum of interests, so can satisfy a wide range of fantasies.


    In addition to being a dominant, Anna is also a devoted rubber & latex fetishist in the truest sense of the word. Latex isn’t just a sidelight for her. Dressing in rubber & latex is a major focus for her. She has a large, varied rubber/latex wardrobe and collection of toys and bondage items. (Also, a wonderful collection of boots!!) Of course, once “rubbered up” she gets very randy and loves to engage in kinky diversions. Being a long-time fetishist myself, I can see that she is the real thing and have had many intense and exciting sessions with her. Anna has a wonderful imagination and loves to put it to work in her sessions. One never knows exactly what direction the next session will take. As she gets to know a sub better, she adapts and finds ways to push the limits in a way that is very stimulating and exciting, yet never “over the top”.


    Anna Valentina is a real gem in the fetish world where those are not always easy to find. While I would love to have her all to myself, I guess I will have to share her with others into “kink” (because, like most things with Anna, I really don’t have a choice ;-)