• Live Your Dreams

    You are mature, responsible, and accomplished in your daily life. But you know there's more... the pleasures of artful pain, and the thrill of secret perversions.


    From pure SM to deep power exchange, we are here to celebrate our kinks.


    Welcome to your new reality.




  • About The Mistress

    BDSM is a creative and fulfilling expression of who I am. Sadism dressed in a smile... wit-sharpened humiliation... refined sensual aggression. And oh, the experiences I've had!


    In addition to literally thousands of hours of scene play, I am a two-time presenter and 2013 Guest of Honor at DomCon Los Angeles, the premiere national conference for professional dominants, and have spoken at Portland State University, Pacific University, and kink-community classes in the Portland area. I've worked with some of the best film producers in fetish: GwenMedia, Jennifer Brooks, Irene Boss, Severe Society, and more.


    Read on to see what makes me tick...

  • Corporal Punishment

    Spanking and Domestic Discipline

    I specialize in corporal punishment, with domestic discipline a particular favorite.


    If you've ever been left unfulfilled after a spanking, you need to see me.  


    I will guide you firmly through an impeccably paced, increasingly challenging spanking, until you are finally flying at peak capacity. (You may be surprised at how hard you can play when you are patiently and skillfully worked up.)


    At the end, your bottom will be throughly red and tender to the touch. No marks will be left to tell, unless you have privacy for a few days (or weeks) - then I am happy to leave mementos.


    I keep an outstanding collection of discipline tools, including boar-bristle wooden hairbrushes, and the full Austere English Collection from The London Tanners.

    • spanking: over the knee, hand
    • paddling
    • strapping: many lengths and weights, including prison-style
    • caning: classic/strict or sensual/rhythmic
    • whipping: riding crops, quirts, tawses, singletails
    • domestic tools*
    • figging and other invasions
    • ear pulling
    • mouth soaping
    • disciplinary writing
    • hand whipping
    • corner time

    *hairbrushes, bathbrushes, belts, wooden spoons, spatulas, rulers, slippers, birches, extension cords, etc.


    Recommended session lengths: 3 hours (900), 2 hours (600), 1.5 hours (450).


    Nothing escapes me, and nothing will stop me. My hands are my favorite implements: years of musical training have made them strong; sadistic appetite makes them cruel.


    I can taste your suffering and it is sweet. 


    You will soar to excruciating heights, riding the edge of endurance. Your sounds and movements will feed my hunger, all of you singing to me in ecstatic pain.


    My laugh electrifies you into taking more, giving more, the circuit crackling until it blows... 

    • CBT and NT: ballbusting, bondage, stretching, clamps, and more
    • whipping, slapping, impact play
    • sharps, unguents, and other sensations


    Recommended session lengths: 3 hours (900), 2 hours (600). 

  • Domination


    I love a good mindfuck: manipulating your curiosity and excitement, stripping away your polite exterior to show you your own perverted little heart.
    I will show you the meaning of erotic suspense.
    Nothing is normal here. The silkiness of my voice, my smile, my touch contrasts sharply with the casual cruelty of my actions. Even the silences hum with subtle tension.
    I'm going to find what opens you, and then I will reach in and twist. You'll forget what you're begging for - you'll just beg.
    • teasing, edging/denial, chastity/keyholding
    • slut training, sexual reorientation 
    • fetish strengthening and imprinting
    • small penis humiliation
    • cuckold training 
     Recommended session lengths: 3 hours (900), 2 hours (600).

    Roleplay and Psychodrama

    Certain stories ring a special chord. We may choose one archetype and its complement as temporary scene roles, or as happens most often, our natural dynamic will reflect several types.  
    Here are some of my favorites:
    • The Teacher on whom you had a schoolboy crush. You always tried to behave, but somehow you ended up kept after class, staring down the end of her paddle. 
    • The Governess/Auntie/Mother who nurtures you with patience and firmness. When she summons you to her knee, it's for your own good. 
    • The Dominant Girlfriend/Wife who controls the relationship - and your private parts. When you confessed your submissive streak, you had no idea she'd take it this far. 
    • The Femme Fatale who dazzles and haunts you. She's called "The Perfect Drug." If you're lucky, you'll find out why. 
  • Fetish


    The only bondage is inescapable bondage.
    You will be bound for security, for challenge, and for psychological release. As you fall deeper into space, I will take my pleasure tracing your bonds, handling your body, manipulating your senses. 
     My collection of quality, purpose-built gear includes:
    • straitjackets: leather (with matching hoods), heavy canvas (Posey), Darlex 
    • leather shoulder-length bondage sleeves (Mr. S)
    • leather head harness 
    • locking, padded heavy wrist & ankle cuffs (Mr. S)
    • sleepsacks: Darlex, latex sauna sack
    • nylon rope
    Kinky application of industrial materials is sexy. Intensive sessions may include vet wrap, gauze/elastic bandages, plastic wrap, electrical and duct tape, chain and locks, twine/thread/cord, glue, plaster, and any other materials that fit my designs.
    Recommended session lengths: 4 hours (1200), 3 hours (900).

    Dressing for Pleasure

    True fetishists recognize each other in their unmistakable enthusiasm.
    If you love latex and leather, boots and gloves, you need to meet me. 
    Latex from Polymorphe, leather from Mr. S, kid gloves from wrist- to opera-length, and over a dozen pairs of thigh-high boots from Little Shoe Box, London Shoes, and others (featured on Bootlovers.com). 
    When I plant my perfect boots in your outstretched hands, you will worship these sleek beauties as extensions of me. (Mind your teeth!)
    Fall into fetish bliss with a woman who really gets you. 
  • Phone Sessions

    Talk with me live, with complete discretion and convenience. NiteFlirt makes connection a snap and keeps your phone number private. Plus, you get three complimentary minutes when you sign up!
    This is perfect for:
    • open-ended consultations. Nervous? Novice? Work out those nerves, get answers to all your questions, and form a great rapport with me before committing to a session.
    • chastity check-ins. I love to tease and torment, building (and building and building) the frustration and denial over weeks.
    • distance D/s. When separation makes you yearn, we'll keep the fire alive with domination dates.
    • remote control. In the car, the grocery store, the lingerie boutique, I am the devil on your shoulder telling you what to do. Being stuck in traffic has never been so exciting; marching to the register with a cucumber, condoms, and Crisco - or bright pink crotchless panties - feels so humiliatingly right.

    Call me now or easily make an appointment if I'm not available. 

  • Live Sessions

    Tribute for sessions is as follows (all rates USD):

    • 3 hours: 900

    • 2 hours: 600

    • 1.5 hours: 450

    • 1 hour: 300

    Standard booking requires 48 hours notice.


    Outcall is available to most hotels in downtown Portland.


    Extended sessions. Packages are available for sessions of 4+ hours, including overnight immersion and weekend escapes.


    Discretion is a priority. Our discussions are confidential.





    When I get your application, I will choose one of your requested consultation times and confirm it via email.


    At the agreed-upon time, I will call using a private number so that no information appears on your call log. You will need privacy so that you can speak freely for 20-30 minutes.


    If we're a good match, you will get details on how to prepare, and we'll confirm the time and place of our session.


    Click here to send me:

    • your name, city, and how you found me.

    • what you're looking for in a session.

    • a contact number and two times for a consultation.


    I look forward to playing with you!